Friday, September 5, 2008

science and scripture

Every so often I read something that shows the truth of God's Word confirmed through scientific study. Since there is an unsurpassable gulf fixed between science and Christianity in the (post)modern mind, these revelations delight me to no end:) This from the September 2008 issue of Voice of the Martyrs newsletter (, Tom White, director.
Recently, my pastor and his wife, Joe and Dawn Marie Colaw, spoke about scientific research which shows that black holes are burned into the brain by hatred, anger, bitterness, and other negative emotions.
Dr. David Amen, Dr. Marian Diamond, Dr. Caroline Leaf and other neuroscientists and biochemists describe the toxic chemical flood our bodies release into our brain when we think malicious thoughts. Microphotographs reveal these chemicals burn tunnel-like holes in branched nerve cells called dendrites. (For views of brains showing this damage, see, and go to "Brain Disorder Research.")
Dr. Leaf calls these burned places "emotional black holes". By contrast, positive thoughts actually create more dendrite nerve fibers in the brain. She says, "You can grow a new memory over the old memory." One of the elements she mentions in this healing process is forgiveness.
The world laughs at the biblical motto, "Jesus Saves." The truth is, He does. His love and mercy can bring healing to abuse victims and preserve the minds and hearts of our persecuted brothers and sisters. When Christians are under stress, or even torture or imprisonment, and they praise God, sing or quote uplifting Scripture, they are putting on the helmet of spiritual and physical salvation. As Joe and Dawn Marie Colaw point out, "All believers can be light in a dark world -- light to futile, toxic thinking. The dendrites of our minds can literally flourish as we feed on the Word of God, allowing it to stop the negative chemical bath and create a new network of dendrites that act as a super highway, bypassing, even shrinking the 'holes' of the past."

Seems like we had a word about "the renewing of our minds" recently. Oh, the amazing, healing grace of our great God and Savior Jesus the Anointed One!