Friday, August 14, 2009

worshipconcord journal

The Worship Narrative

What is this narrative?

We come from our daily lives into the presence of the Triune God with praise.
But in that presence we are aware of our utter unworthiness because of our sin, leading us to confess our sin and our sinfulness.
God, however, answers our confession with His word of absolution, the verbal Gospel.
We respond to this forgiveness and grace of our saving God by praising Him.
Our relationship with God restored, He teaches us so that His Word might shape us more and more into His image. He teaches us through the Word of Scripture itself, and the Word of Scripture explained and applied in the sermon.
We respond to this Word by confessing our faith in Him, lifting our prayers to Him and offering our lives to Him, represented in our financial offerings.
Then He invites us in closer, through the veil, into the Holy of Holies, with a foot in heaven itself as we gather around the table. Here we are drawn into Christ’s own narrative, brought into the upper room as the narrative of the Last Supper is recited. And here the Gospel comes to us again, this time the Gospel as bread and wine, body and blood.
Forgiven, renewed, and strengthened, we are blessed and sent back out into the world to bear His image as His disciples, to take His narrative into the narratives of our lives.

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