Sunday, January 3, 2010

the Holy Family

Reflecting on what it might mean for us that Jesus was submissive to His parents (Luke 2) and then grew in favor with God and man, I came up with the following: we would be obedient to God’s holy family the Church by reverencing
— the Church’s book (Holy Bible)
–the Church’s songs (Hymnal)
— The Church’s prayer (Liturgy)
— The Church’s ministry (Bishop, Pastor, Deacon — Word and Sacraments included here)
— The Church’s Teaching/Confession (Book of Concord)
— The Church’s Battle (against sin and unbelief, speaking truth in love, etc.).
This more than anything I’ve heard or read about would result in a lively, vital unified in teaching and practice Church; something to be reckoned with; something the devil the world and our flesh would fear.

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