Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy Baptism

They are rather to be admonished often to view Baptism as the scriptures speak of it, namely that it is a work of the Holy Trinity, who is the real baptizer, through the mouth and the hand of the minister [diener]. And it is such an administration where God the Father through Baptism saves, Titus 3[5]; where God the Son through the washing in the word purifies, Eph. 5[26]; through which the Holy Spirit gives a man new birth and renewal, John 3[5]; Titus 3[5]. This is so because we are baptized into the death of Christ, Rom. 6[3], and into his resurrection, I Pet. 3[21], and in summary, because in Baptism Christ with all his merits is put on, Gal. 3[27]. And thus in Baptism the Holy Trinity makes with us a covenant of a good conscience for the sake of Christ, I Pet. 3[16] through the forgiveness of sins, Acts 2[38] and 22[16], unto eternal salvation, Mark 16[16].
-- Martin Chemnitz

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