Saturday, June 12, 2010

pleasing psalms

What is more pleasing than a psalm?
King David expresses it well:
"Praise the Lord, for a song of praise is good;
let there be praise of our God with gladness and grace."
Yes, a psalm is a blessing on the lips of hte people,
a hymn in praise of God,
the assembly's homage,
a general acclamation,
a word that speaks for all,
the voice of the Church,
a confession of faith in song.
It is the voice of complete assent,
the joy of freedom,
a cry of happiness,
the echo of gladness.
It soothes the temper,
distracts from care,
lightens the burden of sorrow.
it is a source of security at night,
a lesson of wisdom by day.
It is a shield when we are afraid,
a celebration of holiness,
a vision of serenity,
a promise of peace and harmony.
It is like a lyre, evoking harmony from a blend of notes.
Day begins to the music of a psalm.
Day closes to the echo of a psalm.

--from "Explanation of the Psalms" by St. Ambrose of Milan, bishop