Saturday, August 7, 2010

get ready for Higher Things 2011

"The best week out of my year, hands down, is the Higher Things conference," said Heidi Gaub, a college volunteer from Petaluma, Calif., who has attended four of the conferences. "The worship services always fill my eyes with tears," she continued, "simply because I am so amazed at so many youth singing 'We Praise You and Acknowledge You' and chanting the liturgy with such sincerity and faith. It has been said before that we live in a time that makes it very difficult to be Lutheran, but these youth truly dare to be Lutheran."

Rev. George Borghardt, who is the Higher Things conference executive, noted that this year's young participants "will, without doubt, have memories of GIVEN that will carry on long after their conference T-shirts have faded. They learned how it's all given to us in the Divine Service: the cross, forgiveness, eternal life, salvation and service to others."

"I am proud of what Higher Things has achieved by the mercies of God over this past decade," said Rev. William Cwirla, its president. "Young lives have been impacted and shaped; friendships have been forged; a new generation is ready to run the race set before them. It is exciting to see the bright young faces of our youth engaged in worship and in the Word. It is a privilege to deliver Jesus through Word and Sacrament, and watch what He does with them."

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