Thursday, January 13, 2011

new generation of pro-life leaders

• May God forgive us for shedding the innocent blood of millions. May He breathe upon churches across America and revive "hands which hang down," and strengthen "feeble knees." May He enlist a new generation of pro-lifers who will finish the fight their elders began. May God give victory to our pro-life champions in Congress and on the Courts! May He restore Life to our nation! (Dt 21:1-9; 30:19; Ps 106:37-45; Is 58:6-12; Jer 7:6-7; Mal 4:5-6; 12:18-21; Heb 8:1-12)
God's people still have the key to ending abortion in America. If all the pro-life churches in America would rise up, pray and exercise their privileges and rights as American citizens we could turn the tide in a relatively brief period of time. It has not happened yet, but it can and will, as we obey God (Family Research Council)

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