Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What are the 10 Commandments worth to you?

"From this it again appears how highly these Ten Commandments are to be exalted and extolled above all estates, commandments, and works which are taught and practised aside from them. ... Therefore they should be taught above all others, and be esteemed precious and dear, as the highest treasure given by God." -- Martin Luther

How much we treasure the 10 Commandments will be seen in how frequently we reflect, pray and meditate upon them, thank God for them, and tell others about the wonderful blessings that we have experienced by walking in the way of His commandments. They are summarized by our Lord Jesus as follows: Love the Lord your God; and love your neighbor as yourself. Only by living in the Crucified One and His love for us can we begin to walk in newsness of life.

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