Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Have you ever heard of a "Christophobe"?

We've all heard of homophobes. Some of us who are willing to speak out about the political agenda of the homosexual community have heard that term more then a few times. On my part, I've come to terms with that language. Since I cannot find any reason to identify someone based solely on their sexual practice I tend to not use the common terms for people who chose uncommon means of expression. I prefer to respect people as oppose to labeling them, but I get called names all the same.

It's hard to be a homophobe if you are not afraid of uncommon people or of what they do or of becoming part of all that. What is there really to be afraid of? I am not afraid of people who commit adultery or people that have premarital sex. People are people and like the President said, we are all sinners, saved only by the grace of God.

But the uncommon people seem to have a common fear. They seem to be afraid of Jesus Christ. They don't want to hear what He said, nor what the Bible teaches about Him. They seem to prefer rewriting the text to fit their own lifestyles and prejudices. And they seem incredibly intolerant of anyone who mentions His name in public or takes His teachings seriously.

It seems like a clear case of "Christophobia" - the fear of Jesus Christ, His teachings and His followers. So the next time you get called a name because you read something from the first chapter of Romans, or the Book of Exodus, or the writing of St. Peter or Jude, just take a moment and reflect. Are you afraid of homosexuality? Or is someone else afraid of the truth.

Just something to think about

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