Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lost Easter hymn

In Lutheran Worship (146) we had this wonderful, typological text:

Lo, Judah's Lion wins the strife
and conquers death to give us life.
Come, join in joyful praises!

As David, so our David too
The jeering huge Goliath slew.
Oh, sing with festive voices!

Our strongest, fiercest foe he foils
And waves aloft the victor's spoils.
Now let us sing his praises!

Our Samson storms death's citadel
And carries off the gates of hell.
Oh, praise him for his conquest!

The pow'r of death he broke in two
When he arose to life anew.
To him all praise be given!

He frees the prisoned and oppressed
And pardons all whom sin possessed.
Oh, praise him for his mercy!

In festal spirit, song and word,
to Jesus, our victorious Lord,
All praise and thanks be rendered.

Praise God, all-holy and triune,
For this all-gracious, glorious boon;
Now gladly sing we Amen.

Who will write a tune we can SING?!

1 comment:

Phillip Magness said...

Great text, Paul.

And I think I've got a tune for it!

Thanks for this blessing to my meditations this day.

In Christ,