Friday, May 15, 2009

true friendship

A true friend is a vehicle upon which the mind of the other friend invisibly carries and the friend is carried, and it is remarkable to see how from the two of them there emerge two who carry and two who are carried. Christian friendship which alone indeed is true is a glorious crown of good deeds and gives trust in life, a protection and a staff supporting even those who have shown weakness, a sure refuge, a haven from the sea, relase from prison, freedom from slavery, an invaluable abode of divine protection, a tower of safety, a vineyard of joy, an ever fertile field, a pleasure garden of consolation, a repository of perfume, a full storehouse, an apiary of honey, a mirror of brightness and an intellectual vision, a bride by one's side with whom the comforts of life are shared, a pious mother, an obliging attendant, a ready handmaid, a convenient body guard, a favorable bathing place, a spring of living water, an unsleeping guard against evil, prudence in the midst of good, a bond with life.
(Blessed Simon Fidati of Cascia + 1348)

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