Friday, May 29, 2009

prayers for pentecost

(from Grabau's 1848 Kirchengesangbuch - church hymnal -- my translation)

...You are a divine anointing, poured out over us in Holy Baptism; and have made us al ive unto eternal life with your divine breath, and have made known to us that which to all creation was a hidden secret, namely, the gospel of our salvation, and teach and make known Jesus Christ, of whom all the prophets testify, that through his name, all who believe on him shall receive forgiveness of sins. For we are not able to believe on Jesus Christ by our own reason or strength, or come to him, flesh and blood cannot reveal him; rather you call, gather, enlighten, sanctify and keep us in the saving Teaching, Truth, Wisdom and Faith of the Gospel and show us in the Word the way we should live.

O Thou rich-in-love, dear Flame of God, enlighten us!
O Thou living Water, flowing from eternity out of the heart of God, enliven us!
O Thou Breath, moving from the mouth of God, make us alive today and always!
O Thou Holy Finger of God, inscribe the Word of God on the slate of our hearts!
O Thou Power from on high, strengthen our weak faith!
O Thou heavenly Oil of Joy, gladden the distressed in their sorrow!
O Thou rich-in-love Dew of Heaven, enliven our wilted heartes!
O Thou Gracious Rain of heaven, make fruitful our withered hearts!

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