Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bishop Bo Giertz on Baptism

That baptism truly can be the foundation for a person’s deepest personal
faith—this is rarely seen when one looks out into the world. Rather, the vast
majority break their baptismal covenant. It can occur through wilful defiance
of God’s commandments or disregard of God himself, which most clearly
manifests itself in that one never prays and never seeks His church. More or
less intentionally, man has for his part ended the covenant with God. But he
is not capable of destroying it. I certainly cannot nullify God’s promises; I
cannot wipe out the heading which he has written over my life. It follows me
as an accusation—but also as a promise. I have an inheritance, which, it is
true, I can scorn, but which nonetheless is preserved with God and is waiting
for me. Even more so: I have a home. I can leave this home and become a
prodigal son. But I cannot wipe out the fact that I have a home and a Father
who has not forgotten His child and never ceases to yearn for it. I also cannot
prevent Him from seeking me and sending offers to me.
And this is exactly what God does. So this is how “man finds the way to

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