Friday, July 3, 2009

sage advice

From Second Terrace, a blog by Fr. Jonathan:

A man gets married and has a wife as his closest friend, and children for whom he lays down his life. He has friends. There are no "soul mates."

Making a soul mate with someone else, while married, is already unchaste.

So here is my suggestion for a rewrite of Sanford's script. So that in the movie version, the actor can do his role better than he actually did:

Governor Sanford: "I betrayed my wife, as I have done so numerous times."

"I am unchaste. The passion of lust is in control of my soul."

"I resign all public office."

"I will learn about remorse. I will ask for the sacraments."

"I will repent and be baptized. I will seek to be born again."

Then, maybe, the image of manhood will emerge just ever so slightly out of the murky depths.

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