Friday, July 10, 2009

unfortunate necessities

In late 2007, Congressman Ron Paul introduced the American Freedom Agenda Act of
2007. The Act says, "No officer or agent of the United States shall kidnap, imprison, or torture any person abroad based solely on the President's belief that the subject of the kidnapping, imprisonment, or torture is a criminal or enemy combatant: provided that kidnapping shall be permitted if undertaken with the intent of bringing the kidnapped person for prosecution or interrogation to gather intelligence before a tribunal that meets international standards of fairness and due process." Knowing violations of this section are to be punished as felonies. Paul states, 'It amazes me that this kind of legislation should even be necessary in America. These are principles that Americans should insist their presidents not only observe, but actually believe in.' (The Revolution, p. 124)
Is this the USA we live in or Stalinist Russia?

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