Monday, February 8, 2010

from the fathers

You were thinking, do doubt, that the Widsom of God was going to say, 'Learn how I made the heavens and the stars; also, since in me all things, even before they were made, had been numbered, how in virtue of their unchangeable ideas even the hairs of your head have been numbered.' Is that the sort of thing you were thinking he would say? No, but first this: 'that I am meek and humble of heart.'
We are striving for great things, let us lay hold of little things, and we shall be great. Do you wish to lay hold of the loftiness of God? First catch hold of God's lowliness. Deign to be lowly and humble on the same account, yours, not his own. So catch hold of Christ's humililty..." -- Augustine (+ 430)

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