Wednesday, February 3, 2010

thoughts on BRTFSSG

that's blue ribbon task force on synodical structure and governance for the uninitiated:)

What is the LCMS? "...a living history of Christian believers united in congregations established by God and confessional, missional, like-minded congregations banding together to form a church body -- the LCMS -- to carry out together the mission imperatives of Christ, the Head of rthe church."
If I could ever find a congregation that was literally established by God Almighty himself, I would join it in a heart beat. Christian believers? What happened to Lutheran Christians? Is "missional" a word? I'm afraid that "like-minded" constitutes a healthy dose of wishful thinking. The difference between Lutheran Christians banding together in congregations to fulfill the Great Commission and "banding together to form a church carry out together the mission imperatives of Chrsit" strikes me as the difference between day and night. The mission imperatives of Christ are fulfilled in the local congregation. Period. Synod serves the congregation by 1. training faithful pastors and teachers, 2. printing faithful literature and worship material for congregational use. Anything else is probably beside the point.
The BRTFSSG is conviced "that its recommendations will provide the continuing arrangements or means of assistance for the Word of the Lord to grow in our beloved Synod, resulting in a renewal of congregations walking together in mission, with the characteristic of a Spirit-filled church in action, boldly walking together "in the fear of the Lord," and possessing the "comfort of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 9:31)."
This is revolutionary. The BRTFSSG would elevate the structures and schemes of men in their constitution and by-laws to the status of the means of grace, Word and Sacrament. To disagree with them equates with being against clean water and air -- unthinkable. And yet I must do just that.

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