Thursday, February 4, 2010

with the shoes from off the feet

This from the Forum Letter of January 2010 (from an article by Richard O. Johnson, editor)
"I think there are some benchmarks, however, for reading the text faithfully. The first is to recognize that God's Word is not intended to confuse or mislead us. It is, 2 Peter tells us, "a lamp shining in a dark place." secondly,...we cannot understand without Christ. John Henry Jowett: "It would be far better, to have no critical apparatus at all, and to know nothing about scholarship and nothing about learning, and to come to the sacred page with the shoes from off the feet, than to go burdened with all manner of learning, and scholarship, and tramp loudly and flippantly in the most sacred place." Scripture in the context of let the Holy Spirit work in my heart through the words the Holy Spirit has inspired.
Thirdly...we believe that the Holy Spirit speaks and acts through the church. I'd rather read with the church...The Holy Spirit acts through the church, and it is with the church we must read--and not just the Church of What's Happeneing Now, but the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church through the ages. There's no better way to set aside our own prejudices and presumptions."
This is absolutely revolutionary and remarkable, considering where we have been over the past few generations of higher-critical vs. inspiration/inerrancy battle(s) for the Bible. What breath-taking humility and love for the revelation of God! May his tribe increase.

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