Thursday, July 10, 2008

$.02 worth

Could there be a greater waste of money and time than we see in this current presidential campaign? When the approval rating of Congress has fallen into single digits, can’t we find a different, perhaps better pool from which to draw our candidates? Apparently not -- go figure.
So, in the face of this unrelenting pain, here’s my $.02 worth of suggestions to save us from four more months of insults to our intelligence and sensibilities.
1. The candidates for president will refuse to spend another dime on television or radio ads, and limit their pronouncements to the internet or public debates. Supporters will create and post signs in their own communities directing us to the website(s) in question. This will both prevent damage to the environment from unnecessary travel and save time and money for productive purposes.
2. The candidates for president will hold a formal competition on the best way to spend untold millions of dollars in their campaign pockets for the common good, for example: a) empower small business starts in economically hurting areas, b) reward scientists and entrepeneurs who bring to the market affordable fuel and clean energy alternatives, c) provide scholarships for disadvantaged students who have excelled and desire to pursue higher education in areas where America needs to regain her competitive edge. Newspapers and magazines will cover these news-worthy events.
These two simple suggestions would transform and possibly redeem the experience of American politics. They offer real change right now. Hoping for leaders who believe “That government is best which governs least”,

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