Tuesday, July 8, 2008

issues, etc returns

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This morning I was considering St. Paul's exhortation not to be pressed into (conformed to) the mold of this present world but rather be transformed by the ongoing renewal of our minds, I asked myself, what does this mold look like? If I can recognize it, my chances of choosing to avoid it increase exponentially. Two things came to mind: a) the curse of this present age is overstimulation, and b) the individualization of all values. The former makes it exceedingly difficult if not impossible to "be still and know that I am God" and manifests in the general neglect, misunderstanding and rejection of contemplation and meditation as fundamental Christian experience. The latter pushes in the direction of judging all things on the basis of what "I want" or what "I feel" (YUCKKKK!!!). If , therefore, I "don't want" or "don't feel" I most likely will vote with my feet and my pocketbook regardless of what I might be missing if only I could perceive a greater good, a communion of saints, the very body of Christ that transcends my personal pettiness and gives me a place in the Kingdom of God that really matters, that has eternal significance, because it is so much bigger than myself.
Come, Holy Spirit, mold-breaker, and fill our hearts with your love!

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