Thursday, July 10, 2008

The second concern: Lack of Clear Vision.
The pastor will engage the Mid-South District to come and lead a Day of Envisioning for the Congregation. Prior to the Envisioning Day the pastor and executive director will convene two community awareness events and arrange for two prayer walks. Following the Envisioning Day the pastor in cooperation with the congregation's leaders will develop a vision for the congregation. The main vision statement needs to be articulated and adopted by December 15, 2008.
The pastor and leaders of the congregation need to conduct a Mission Audit of all ministries of the congregation. The purpose of the audit is to determine that each ministry in the congregation is consistent with the newly developed vision. Ministries that do not fit with the vision must be changed and brought into alignment, or be discontinued. This Mission Audit of all ministries needs to be completed by July 15, 2009.

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